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My name is Monte and I am the CEO of Swiftlisted. My goal is to reduce the time between accepted offer and closed by 50%.

The Real Estate industry is tough even in the best of times. When the market goes through a down cycle it becomes exponentially more competitive. We are all searching for ways to differentiate ourselves from the competition and provide the best possible service to our very demanding clients.


More About Me

I am a real estate appraiser with twenty years of experience in the Austin, Houston and San Antonio markets.  I understand the uncertainties we face in our profession. I have made it my goal to address some of the more pressing issues.


If you have been invited to this landing page it is because I believe that working together we can find solutions.  If you believe that the amount of time between an accepted offer and closing is too long. If you are looking for ways to differentiate yourself when you are talking to potential listing clients and convince them of your expertise and competence.

Join Our Beta Program

If you want to maximize your clients returns by having accurate sf measurements. If floor plans are an important element in your marketing materials. If you want to understand how appraisal waivers, desktop valuations and hybrid appraisals can get you to the closing table faster with a lot less stress.


Consider joining our beta program by filling out the contact and we will reach out to discuss the benefits. We can only accept a limited number of agents for this pilot program, as a reward for participating in our case studies you will receive special discounts on our services.

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