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Become A Fast Track Closer

(Understanding the Art & Science)

Time is of the essence and every moment counts when it comes to closing deals and satisfying your clients.

One powerful tool that can significantly expedite the closing process is an "appraisal waiver." An appraisal waiver can help you close deals faster, giving you a competitive edge and delighted clients.


The truth is...

You can't control the credit worthiness of the buyer or their lenders willingness to grant an appraisal waiver. You can tilt the deck in your clients favor with diligent preparation and a thorough understanding of  the factors that lead to the granting of an appraisal waiver. 


When are appraisal waivers approved?


When you understand the process there are steps you can take that will greatly increase the odds of receiving an appraisal waiver.

If an appraisal waiver is not granted there are still two other options that can reduce loan approval times by weeks.

The bottom line is that you can significantly increase the odds of the buyer receiving an appraisal waiver and we are here to help.

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