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Cut closing times by as much as 50%. Ask me how.

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Professional Photography

Complete Marketing Package Dedicated Website, floor plan, sf calculations and flyers.

Learn How a Recent Opinion of Value by a Certified Residential Appraiser can increase your odds of lenders approving Appraisal Waivers, Desktop Appraisals and Hybrid Appraisals

Sell your Listing With Professional Photography

Market your Listing with a fully featured Marketing Package

Become A Fast Track Closer

Austin-Houston and San Antonio Texas

Become a Fast Track Closer.

Here at Swiftlisted we have some pretty lofty goals.

We compress the time between accepted offer and closing by 50%. Let's put the keys in the buyers hand and your fees in your bank account.

Currently the average time between accepted offer and closing is between 5 and 6 weeks.

Imagine a world where your clients are at the closing table in 3 weeks (or less).

At Swiftlisted we believe that not only is this possible, we believe it should be the industry standard.

I'm sure your first question is "How?".

A coordinated effort between lenders, appraisers, buyers and sellers.

And of course, most importantly Real Estate agents.

The Fast Track Closer revolution starts here and now. It starts with you.

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